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Calming Your Mind In Crisis | Plant Magic

Calming Your Mind In Crisis | Plant Magic

The adjustments we’ve all had to make these last few months have been unexpected for all and dare I say, brutal for some. Often, changes are slow and gradual, not this time, however. COVID 19 has forced us all out of our comfort zone, and we’ve had to fight to find new ways to show up and be present in our lives. 

I know for sure there’s a lot I won’t be taking for granted, yes, even toilet paper. I never saw that one coming, did you? (I couldn’t resist a toilet chuckle)

While making an effort to adjust to the ‘new normal,’ it’s been difficult finding or seeing the good in each day. Honestly, with unimaginable death tolls and lives being turned inside out right before our eyes, it’s been hard. 

These last few months have felt like a reoccurring nightmare. By the way, has anyone else turned off their television? I’m rewatching some of my favorite movies because between COVID 19 news and politics, I can’t take it. I feel like I’m fighting for my sanity.

Like many of you, I’ve found many ways to cope with the recent events. It’s been overwhelming, but I have to give God praise because prayer has done wonders for my mind in this challenging season. It is my hope and prayer that you find strength and peace in whatever or whomever you believe. 

Having said that, let’s talk about the new favorite way I’ve been drowning out the noise and chaos. I’ve heard so many people talk about how therapeutic and balancing they can be, and I personally find them to be incredibly soothing. We’ve all heard about their amazing benefits from someplace or another, and it took me experiencing it in a pandemic to understand. If you don’t have one yet, you need it now! I’m talking about indoor plants people and trust me. It’s all true. 

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and the soul.” Linda Solegato

Doesn’t it feel like that is what we’ve needed precisely for the last few months? Oxygen for the lungs AND the soul? I know it has felt that way for me too many times to count. Being cooped up at home for months at a time and when you can leave, you wear a mask that covers both your nose and mouth. I don’t know what is more suffocating, the cooped up part of the cover your nose and mouth part? Oh wait, we have to do both. Need I say more? 

Unfortunately, we’ve all had to make a lot of adjustments to stay as safe as possible. These adjustments, however, haven’t come cheap. There’s a lot of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty floating around, and it’s crucial to handle these feelings and emotions in healthy ways. I’ve discovered that caring for houseplants is therapeutic. I’m convinced it’s free therapy, and everyone should try it. I think it goes along with the belief that the best way to get through a difficult season is through servitude, In caring for something or someone else in your most challenging times. 

Numerous studies suggest that indoor plants can:

  • Boost your mood and brighten up your surroundings
  • They are therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist. Ha! told you
  • Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen
  • Boost concentration and productivity
  • Act s natural filters catch allergens and other airborne particles. (Especially helpful for allergy sufferers) 

There are so many benefits to house plants, depending on which one you choose. Some plants like herbs and aloe vera, you can use in your daily life. 

I have two varieties in my apartment, four plants in total, for now. I’ve got two spider plants that are great for adding moisture back into the air and two heart-leaf philodendron, aka snake plant that is great for promoting relaxation and stress relief. I found this spider plant and this snake plant here looks great. You can also click the product photos to shop for some plants and pots ideas if you’d like to. 

If you are into self-development and motivational material, then you know that it’s all about falling in love with the process through both pitfalls and triumphs. Believe me, like with everything else in life; there will be both. What’s magical about you taking care of your plants is how they serve you. In my case, I found myself soothed, relaxed, and somehow comforted. Almost like my plants were breathing life into, especially on difficult days when my emotions seemed to get the best of me. At the very least, fussing over my plants has served as a productive distraction from all the noise. Being around plants has a calming effect on people, a lifeline we all need in this difficult time. 

We have a long weekend ahead, and it’s the perfect time to look into some house plants. I couldn’t possibly list all the known benefits of indoor plants for you, so I suggest you look them up. If you’re a beginner, here’s a great article about houseplants that are easy to grow. I started with one plant last year, and now I’m up to four. I only have two varieties because I think it’s best to master caring for a few at a time. Baby steps. 

Is anyone else considering bringing a live plant on their next flight? Talk about needing oxygen. Whose with me? Come on; you know you’re thinking about it. A little extreme, maybe, but you get my point. 

If you get a houseplant or two, please come back and share your experience with us in the comments section below. I’d love to know what you think. 

Thanks for being here, I’m sending you virtual hugs and love: deep breaths friends, deep breaths. 

                Until next time,


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