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MON-YAY- Falling In Love

MON-YAY- Falling In Love


So, every other time I go on Instagram, I see someone post this, “create a life you don”t need a vacation from.” I have to say I agree. Every day we should wake up and strive to create a life we don’t need to walk away from. A beautiful, joyous, purposeful, fulfilling life we love. As with every quest, there is a beginning. My start, loving Monday.

There are also endless posts of quotes about how dreadful Monday is. How before Monday even rolls around, we should be looking forward to Friday. I’ve been on that train for way too long and well friends, I’m ready to get off and never look back. Here’s how.

Gratitude; Being grateful for the gift, blessing and fortune of a chance at a new day. That alone should make us all love Monday.

Mindset; What you think, you bring about.

If we continue to believe Monday is this awful God forsaken day, then it will become just that. Mindset is everything and more. We have the power to decide that Monday is awesome. To see it for what it is, an opportunity to set ourselves up for a productive and fuifilling week. Monday is a chance to start the work and effort towards our desired lives.

Does Monday set a precedent for the rest of the week for you? It does for me. A good Monday, translates into a good week, a good month, a good year. Who doesnt want that?. Imagine great the other days would be if we loved Monday. No more dreading Sunday nights. Instead, we would more present and in the moment each day. Focused on giving our best and getting the best out of each day.

Let’s love and enjoy Monday as well as all the other days of the week. Each day will have its highs and lows but if we stay present and appreciate each day for what it brings, I think life would be so much better.

Love you friend, maybe not as much as Monday but hey, it’s still love.



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