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How to style leather Leggings | Curvy Girl Style

How to style leather Leggings | Curvy Girl Style

I’m so happy and proud to share five ways to style leather leggings and here’s why, as a curvy girl, my Love for leather pants remained unrequited for a long time. I would look at magazines and see all these cool “it girls” rocking leather pants, and they looked so good, It made me want to try them. The only problem was, none of those ladies were similar to me in body shape or size. Not even close.

I let season after season go by watching other people enjoy leather pants wishing I could do the same yet knowing that all my lusciousness couldn’t fit in those cool yet rigid pants. Honestly, I didn’t even bother trying on a pair because if you are curvy, the only thing more depressing than jean shopping would have to be shopping for tight, rubbery, unforgiving leather pants.

By the way, my exact leather leggings are the first ones pictured below. CLICK HERE or click on the link below to get yourself a pair. You won’t regret it. https://shopstyle.it/l/bostp

Faux Leather Leggings/ Pants To Wear Now

To my delight, things took a turn, the trend gods heard our pleas, and all of a sudden, the stretch was in (still is thank God)! With the invention of stretch came what I like to call the Leggings Uprising preceded by the Jeggings Takeover. Leggings completely took over the fashion industry, and alas, us curvy ladies, had a chance. 

Fashion houses all over the world had to find ways to make leggings suitable for other situations besides the gym because:

  1. Everyone started wearing their gym gear out and about. (most never really made it to the gym)
  2. If you are smart, you give the people what they want.
  3. Trends sell.

A new way of life was upon us, and finally, someone thought to merge the comfort and stretch of leggings with the fresh and edgy look of leather pants. What a time to be alive! haha 

In this post, I’m demonstrating how to style leather leggings in five varying ways. I expect they’ll be another style session featuring said leather and Ponte as cooler weather approaches in the next few months. You can find my exact faux leather leggings here. I’m in love with this particular pair because it’s basically Ponte knit leggings with a leather panel at the front. genius right!

Be sure to check out my youtube video on styling these comfortable yet stylish faux leather leggings right here.
Grab a snack and a beverage, ladies, and gentlemen because we are making up for the lost time.

Thank you so much for being here and for your continued support, I appreciate every one of you. See you back right here for another fun chat. There’s another styling post, this time I tackle a faux leather skirt. See it here for all things faux leather satisfaction.

With Love,


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  1. Martha says:

    Great stuff, will be on the look out for more!!✨🧐

    1. Thank you, Martha. looking forward to seeing you here again, I’m so glad you are enjoying the content.

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  6. Erica Carmichael says:

    Hey Girl, I love your take on the faux leather leggings. You mos def have the style I go for!! Your Black heels with clear strap by your toes are to die for!!!! What brand are those and where can I find them? These are what i’m missing to rock my leggings I need them in my life!!!! help a sister out!!

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