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Pink and Pleated Powerhouse

Pink and Pleated Powerhouse

When I bought these pants last summer, I had no idea how much I’d enjoy them or how many surprising ways I would end up styling them. The purchase happened because I’d been thinking about dipping my toes into the pleated skirt trend. Pleated skirts were (still are) everywhere. The problem was, I wasn’t falling in love with any of the ones I’d tried. After some time, I gave up and decided the trend just wasn’t for me until I saw these pink pleated pants staring at me on the misguided website, and a light bulb went off.

If I couldn’t make pleated skirts work for me, could I make pleated pants work? Here are a few ways i”ve managed to make this now staple work for me. Styling these up turned out to be a breeze and so much fun. What do you ladies think? Is this something consider trying, or is that a no? Haha.

Watch me style these PPP in this video – Pink Pleated Powerhouse- LINK TO EVERYTHING IN THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION. 

There you have it,  five ways to style these fun and comfy pants. we’ve got the basic occasions covered don’t you think? There’s an option for brunch, date night, running errands, evening out with the girls, and even a day office (when you can go back).

Speaking of the office, don’t you think these would be perfect while working from home.  They are stretchy and comfy with a ton of room to move around so you can get on zoom for your meetings while put together yet comfortable, as well as get on the floor to play with the kiddos. If that’s not enough, they are perfect for at-home date night as well.  I’ve even got them styled with both heels and flats for versatility because hey, options!

Check out the styling video on my youtube channel here. Links to everything are in the description box of my youtube video.  See that right here or just click on the videos section of my blog.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this style session, thanks so much for being here.

I’ll see you back right here next Wednesday

Chat soon, Leila


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