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Simple Ways To Transition Into Spring

Simple Ways To Transition Into Spring


No matter where you live in the world, chances are you experience at least two of the four seasons each year. For some, these changes are seamless and uneventful. For others, however, there is some back and forth. A tug of war it seems, between the season to pass and the season to come. My midwest is one such place.

If you don’t already know, I live in the USA, in the midwest to be exact and our season changes are often a roller coaster ride, and then some! Buckle up, kids.

For some, this lack of consistency poses a challenge when transitioning your wardrobe. Especially when the differences in temperatures between seasons are extreme. I often find that after Valentine’s day is celebrated and has passed, there is this anticipation and not so silent yearning for spring.

Since our weather knows no loyalty, here are five simple and practical ways to make your transition in to spring easier. (even when it doesn’t”t feel like spring)

Nail Polish

There couldn’t be an easier, more affordable way to usher in a new season or occasion. Generally, there

are colors preferred for each season because they evoke the same tones and moods as the respective season. Spring, for example, is synonymous with fresh, new, bright, open, and happy. So it makes sense to pick nail polish colors that are bright and airy as well.

Here are some of my absolute favorites, perfect for spring and summer. The lavender color I’m wearing is called Lavendare. It’s currently sold out but I found similar ones like this one and this one. (click the product photos to shop these options if you’re looking for cute neutrals).



Open Toe Ankle Boots

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, ankle boots are a closet staple. They come in so many styles and designs and are so versatile. If you experience fall or winter and appreciate fashion, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you like ankle boots, then please allow me to introduce to you the perfection that is open toe ankle boots. A great option when you can’t bear the thought of another pair of winter socks but still need some coverage. Who’s with me ladies? I’ve seen girls wear these even in the summer and I get it. They are versatile and stylish. Bonus: They transition perfectly into any season. How great is that?

I own these and love them, I’m actually considering a backup pair.

Here are more options for you:


Cuff It

Cuff your jeans. I know, how could it be that simple? Think about it. I’m talking about that pair of jeans you’ve been wearing over or under your boots all winter. Simply cuff them to show some skin, pair them with open toe ankle boots, and bam! You’re well on your way to being spring ready, without being cold. Easy right? No need to thank me, not yet anyway.  You can try this tip with your beloved skinny, straight leg, and even mum jeans.

Keep The Light Sweaters-Ditch The Heavy Coats

Taking heavier coats and jackets out of the rotation will help lighten things up. This will give you the perfect opportunity to add some colorful and lightweight outerwear pieces to your wardrobe. Trench coats are a great staple that comes in so many styles and colors and fabrics. (Much needed for April showers). The same goes for leather jackets. In the photos, you can see I’m wearing a lightweight, light-colored leather jacket. Well, underneath that jacket is a warm wool blend knit sweater that is giving me the extra warmth I need. If you try this, please be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Try Some Colorful Jewelry

“Jewelry is like ice cream, there is always room for more!” Unknown

It may not be such a great idea for me to talk about jewelry because we could be here for days!

If you already enjoy jewelry, I challenge you to take it a step further and try gemstone jewelry, colored gemstones to be exact. You can always start with what you wear most, like earrings or rings. I’m a proud gemstone addict. It’s a problem y’all, and I make no apologies. Just like other things in my wardrobe, there are gemstones I prefer to wear in certain seasons. For spring, nothing beats the combination of Opal and Amethyst.

Amethyst is one of the most loved and revered stones, popular for its vibrant violet hue.  Stunning! I think a good place to start would be some stud earrings, these are gold, and for silver lovers, here’s an idea. Rings are great for adding a pop of color to your outfit and look. This one I love, this one is really cute too.

Opal will forever tug at my heart. There’s a mystery to this magnificent gem that I can’t resist. It is as mysterious as the ocean and the moon. Opal comes in various types and each one has a distinct tone. For spring, white opal is where it’s at (in my humble opinion) It’s fresh, vibrant, calming, mysterious, and majestic nature is irresistible. There is so much depth to opal. I’m a huge fan of these earrings and this ring too. You can also try these or this.

These beauties are dazzling on their own, but together they are exquisite.

Ps: I’ve done my best to link options at varying price points. A lot of the opal in the market is lab-created and engineered. Real opal is rare and incredibly pricey, but absolutely worth it. I’ve linked both options for you, simply click on the product photos to shop.

I did a video on my Instagram a while back, I styled some gemstone jewelry and got so many questions about the earrings I had one. My pair was a gift from my mum. Here’s a list of some similar ones I found.

Bloomingdale’s Amethyst Stud Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold – 100% Exclusive • Bloomingdale’s • $700
3.00 cttw Amethyst Stud Earrings, 14K • $484.94
Amethyst Stud Earrings in 14K Rose Gold – 100% Exclusive • Bloomingdale’s • $550
Technibond Amethyst Stud Earrings with Removable Ear Jackets • $93
Sevilla Silver 084ctw Oval Amethyst Stud Earrings • $26.25
Sterling Silver White Amethyst Dangle Chain Stud Earrings • Savvy Cie • $175
18K Rose Vermeil Amethyst Stud With 3″ Removeable Dangle Chain Earrings • Savvy Cie • $175

We’ll delve deeper into gemstones in a later post so be sure to stay tuned. You can subscribe to the blog so you get notified anytime I post. I don’t want you to miss our chats.

I hope these simple tips will help ease you into the new season. I’d love your feedback so please let me know which one of these tips is your favorite.

Thanks so much for spending time with me. Chat soon.




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