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Work From Home Essentials | Gift Ideas

Work From Home Essentials | Gift Ideas

With the festive season upon us and gift shopping and giving at its peak, I’ve put together a gift guide focused on work from home essentials. Since covid 19, life as we knew it is forever changed. The biggest of those changes is that millions of us worldwide have had to adjust to working from home. While most of us adapted with the expectation that things will return to normal, I think we can all agree that the ship has long sailed.

As much as we’d want things to go back to before covid 19, I think most of us have come to terms with our “new normal.” Many companies, big and small, all around the world have implemented permanent work from home options even after covid is long gone. These changes prompted this collection of gift ideas that I think would make work from home a whole lot better and more comfortable. From productivity to design to wellness to indulgence, I’ve got a list of ideas that would be perfect for anyone temporarily or permanently working from home.

Work from home storage and work space solutions and essentials.

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Even though i’m sure it’s not necessary, let me point out a few things from above that are worth a second mention.
My workspace is by a window and no matter how warm i make my home, that area is always a little chilly. An electric blanket is absolutely essential for the cooler months, especially if your make shift work space is in a corner like mine, or in the basement. This faux fur one is so plush and cozy too.
The blue light reading glasses are a must have as well as the tumbler to keep you coffee hot as you work. No need to keep getting up to reheat you drink of choice.
Latte anyone? I think having a coffee machine that allows you to create your favorite beverages restores a sense of comfort and normalcy and, In this decade, those two concepts are proving to be critical.

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Working from home means we now have the luxury of working in comfort. The items on the comfort list aren’t the prettiest, however, these work from home essentials are sure to help make working from home a breeze.

  • Seat cushion and, the back support cushion are great for added comfort and padding. They also help with posture and support while sitting down hunched over a computer. I especially love the back support cushion for that space between the lower back and the chair. Great for relieving that lower back strain.
  • The foot rest helps a lot with the strain on your legs and hips, especially if sciatica nerve pain is a problem for you.
  • Echo bluetooth noise reduction earbuds – I already told you. I love options so, if headphones aren’t you thing, these bluetooth earbuds and great and promise lasting comfort. Bonus, you can call on Alexa.

PS: All the other products on this guide are featured in the top faves guide above, Just click on the photo links to shop.

We’ve made it into the final list of work from home essentials, and I’m titling this one wellness essentials. Since working from home for most of us translates into staring at screens all day. I’m tackling a considerable side effect of staring at computer and phone screens all day. Can you say eye fatigue? Why isn’t everyone talking about this? I can’t be the only one battling this issue. I’m i? Come on, show of hands, people. Better yet, like this post and leave me a comment. Thanks, friends 🙂 

By the way, if you are struggling with efficiency as we all adjust to this new decade, take a look at this previous post, I did a few months back about increasing productivity. I talked about one of my favorite work from home productivity concepts/tools. The sand timers in this post would perfectly complement the idea of time blocking. 

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  • Jade roller and gua she set – These help you to relax and depute the face and eye area. The surface is cooling to the touch which is phenomenal for tired eyes.
  • Soothing steam eye mask – This one features warming technology that activates as soon as you open the pack and helps to soothe and relax hardworking tired eyes. How perfect?
  • Face and eyes ice roller – Cooling and soothing for both the face and eyes, and even better for the temples.
  • Sphere himalayan pink salt lamp – I love the sphere shape, it would be perfect on top of a work space. The pink orange glow it casts in the evenings is beautiful and quite soothing. You can also check out this one from amazon that’s a little more traditional.
  • Hot and Cold gel eye mask– This is another great option to soothe tires eyes, headaches and migraines.

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As this unprecedented and challenging year comes to a close, I can’t help but be grateful to have this space and all of you. I have to be honest, this space, our space, has grandly contributed to keeping me grounded, and I thank God so much for directing me to all of you.
It has been a joy and a pleasure to have something meaningful and creative to focus on besides the constant turmoil of the past eleven months.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays my friends, I pray the new year brings us all nothing but good news and good things.

Love and best wishes.

Leila ♥

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